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Unformatted text preview: 1/21/2011 Steven Lengkeek • • • Stockbroker Assistant (Dean Witter) Energy / Financial Trader (Delmarva Power and Light) 3 and ½ years Inve$ting for the Future • Natural Gas and Oil Futures / Options Associate Director (Temple University: Budget Office) 4 years • Designing and implementing the University’s Operating Budget Why are you taking this course and what do you hope to learn? • • Assistant Dean for Finance and Operations (Temple University: College of Engineering) Coast Guard Reserve What is the first thing that comes to mind when I say the th following word? INVESTING Inve$ting for the Future 1 1/21/2011 Making Money Enjoying Money Giving it Away This may be the single most important course most important course you will take here at Temple The Wall Street Journal – Complete Personal Finance Guidebook The Four Pillars of Investing • William Bernstein • Jeff D. Opdyke • • • • Banking Borrowing Budgeting The Theory of Investing History of Investing The Psychology of Investing The Business of Investing • • • Investing Planning Taxes • • • 2 1/21/2011 The Wall Street Journal – Guide to Understanding Money & Investing Topics of Course • Spending Plans • Stocks to Futures • Asset Allocation • 410(k) / 403(b) • Real Estate Investing • Manias!!! • Kenneth and Virginia Morris • • • • • Money Stocks Bonds Mutual Funds Futures and Options Topics of Course – Cont’d • Risk vs. Reward • Psychology of Investing • Retirement Teaching Teaching Philosophy of the Course • Team-based Learning (in-class team Team(inwork) • Quizzes • In-class exercises In• Homework which will be graded • Individual as well as team grades 3 1/21/2011 My Expectations for you will be that you will • Be skeptical. • Be an informed/competent investor. • Be aware of the horrendous corrosive corrosive effects of inflation. • Be aware of the powerful effect of compounding interest. • Have worked hard to earn the grade you deserve. IMPORTANT INFO How to access BlackBoard Temple Portal BlackBoard link QUIZ! 4 ...
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