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02-21-2011 PowerPoints

02-21-2011 PowerPoints - Important Course Activities...

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1 Complete Personal Finance Guidebook (pages 114 pages 114-132) 132) WSJ: Understanding Money and Investing (pages 104 (pages 104 123) 123) Important Course Activities (pages 104-123) Final Draft of Spending Plan March 14, 2011 Quiz: Midterm: March 21, 2011 How to Read a Stock Table Market Buying & Selling Terms Ask – Seller’s Price Bid – Buyer Price ORDERS Market – Buy or Sell at any price Limit – Buy at or below - Sell at or above Stop – Buy Above - Sell Below GTC – Good Til Canceled Investment Brokers How many different types of brokers are there? Discount Discount Full-service commission-based Full-service fee-based Which would you choose, and why? Class Exercise
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2 Stock Exchanges Place where stocks are bought and sold. U.S. stock exchanges New York Stock Exchange - NYSE National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations NASDAQ Automated Quotations – NASDAQ Chicago Stock Exchange National Stock Exchange Philadelphia Exchange World Exchanges Sao Paolo, London, Bombay, Johannesburg, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Australian Stock Market Indexes Index is composed of a specific set of stocks DJIA or Dow (Dow Jones Industrial Average) is composed of 30 companies Standard and Poor’s 500 (S&P 500) is composed of 500 stocks NASDAQ Composite (NASDAQ) is composed of over 3,000 technology / growth stocks Dividends Why do companies issue or payout dividends?
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