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Spending Plan 1

Spending Plan 1 - Overall,.Ivetriedso , .,however...

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Overall, I’ve always been horrible when it comes to keeping track of my money. I’ve tried so many different ways to figure out where my hard earned bucks go, but I somehow always falter as my spending plan begins to disintegrate by day 4. Regardless of my crazed spending habits, however, I always make it a necessity to pay my bills on time and a nicety to have a couple bucks to throw around on the weekend. I guess I kind of already have a mental spending plan in my head, and I solely blame the under‐the‐table job market for the terrible habit that I’ve developed over the years. Its tough to keep track of your money, or even find the purpose to, when I know I will be receiving n amount of dollars every Saturday and Sunday. However to deter my hot hands from burning complete holes in my pocket, I recently opened a checking and savings account at Bank of America on Temple’s campus. I’ve already begun cashing, saving and of course withdrawing, respectfully. I also have completely done away with my Diamond Dollars as I quickly realized how evil they could be; I spent almost $25.00 in my first week on food alone, and that was the end of that. In my spending plan I will be keeping track of my expenditures between September 15, 2010 and October 14, 2010. The expenditures will be recorded and then placed into one of the five different categories I will be documenting: Bills, miscellaneous, food, transportation, allowance, entertainment and savings. Of the five types of spending I anticipate that my bills category remain constant; however, the other four have a great deal of wiggle room and may fluctuate. For example, I have a couple events (i.e. a birthday) coming up in the next month that could influence my estimated and actual values. My food and allowance categories may also seem integrated within each other (i.e. Spending at convenient stores); therefore, I will not be classifying minor food expenses in a food category but rather the allowance category. Likewise, I am predicting that the transportation, miscellaneous and entertainment categories to be much less than the bills, allowance and food categories, respectfully.
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  • Spring '11
  • Lengkeek
  • Bank Accounts, Transportation Allowance Entertainment, Food Transportation Allowance, Allowance Entertainment Savings

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Spending Plan 1 - Overall,.Ivetriedso , .,however...

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