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Unformatted text preview: Midterm Review Sheet Compounding Equations: FA = IA(1 + r)n IA = FA / (1 + r)n r = [(FA/IA)1/n - 1] FA = final amount, IA = initial amount, r = rate, n = time period FA = PPMT{[(1+r)n - 1] / r} FA = final amount, IA = PPMT = payment per period, r = rate, n = time period Portfolio Std.Dev. = Other Equations: ROI PE Ratio EPS Market Capitalization Dividend Yield Mean and Median Calculate Returns on: Stocks Mutual Funds ETFs Bonds Preferred Stocks Articles: (w S ) + (w S ) 2 a a b b 2 + 2 ( w aSa )( w bSb ) Corrab The Millionaire’s Retirement Plan Ten Investing Basics From Buffett U.S. Consumers Report They Lose Track of More Than $1,000 In Cash Each Year Terms: Inflation Compounding Correlation CPI and categories PPI Rule of 72 Good debt vs. Bad debt Credit card pros and cons Credit scores Keys to saving Benefits of good credit Roth IRA 401k and 403b Standard deviation Stocks Stock types Stock features Stock table Preferred Stocks Bid vs. ask price Order types Short Selling Buying stocks on margin Growth stocks vs. value stocks Annual reports (four financial reports) Bull & Bear Markets Mutual Funds Open‐end vs. close‐end mutual funds No load vs. load mutual funds ETFs vs. Mutual Funds ETFs Bonds Bond types (5) Bond features Bond ratings Bonds vs. Stocks Three functions of money Full‐service vs. discount brokers Exchanges Indexes ...
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