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Unformatted text preview: Tsunami Tsunami Series of very long­wavelength waves on the ocean Tsunami Tsunami = "tidal wave" Tsunami has nothing to do with tides with Video clip: Video clip: Tsunamis Tsunami waves Tsunami waves Very small out in the open ocean Amplitude of only ~ 1 meter Very long wavelengths (up to 100 km) Travel very fast (as much as 500 mph) Tsunami waves Tsunami waves When waves reach shallow water, they When "feel" the shallow bottom, just like ordinary waves, and they slow down (to 20-30 mph) 20-30 Because of the massive energy, this Because slowdown causes them to build up very high (up to 50-100 m) high Tsunami can be generated by Tsunami can be generated by any process that displaces a large amount of water: Sub-sea earthquakes Giant landslides Giant Volcanic eruptions Meteorite impacts Runup Runup Maximum height above sea level Maximum reached by a tsunami when it reaches shore reaches Inundation Inundation Horizontal distance from the normal Horizontal water's edge reached by a tsunami water's Hilo after 1946 tsunami Kaiaka Bay 1952 Tsunami wave passing under bridge at Haleiwa 1946 tsunami -- Hilo harbor: 159 fatalities Beach in Laie, O`ahu before tsunami generated by 1957 quake in Aleutians 1983 Japan tsunami -- water recedes 1983 tsunami in Japan 104 people drowned 700 boats, 59 houses destroyed $800 Million property damage 2000 S.E. O`ahu Field Trip S.E. O`ahu Field Trip Saturday, October 30 & Nov. 6 8:30 am – 3 pm Meet Here at 8:30 am We will see Diamond Head, Hanauma We Bay, Koko Crater, Castle Junction Bay, Bring water, hat, sun screen, walking Bring shoes shoes Worth 30 pt. Additional Credit Worth 30 Additional ...
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