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Ch 46b Pregnancy - Human Development Stages of Development...

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Unformatted text preview: Human Development Stages of Development Pre-Embryonic Development Fertilization Cleavage Embryonic Development Gastrulation Organogenesis Fetal Development Fertilization Ovum and Sperm sperm head Fertilization first polar body metaphase of second meiotic division Fertilization sperm pronucleus polar bodies oocyte pronucleus Cleavage Cleavage Implantation Embryonic Development Embryonic Development Fetal Development Fetal Development Development of Reproductive Organs The Placenta The Placenta 6 months ultrasound Changes in Uterus Stages of Childbirth or Labor Labor Dilation Stage Expulsion Stage Placental Stage Dilation Stage Expulsion Stage Placental Stage Hormones Involved in Labor Labor Estrogen Fetal Oxytocin Placental Prostaglandins Maternal Oxytocin Relaxin Fig. 46-18 Estradiol from ovaries Induces oxytocin receptors on uterus Oxytocin + Positive feedback + from fetus and mother’s posterior pituitary Stimulates uterus to contract Stimulates placenta to make Prostaglandins Stimulate more contractions of uterus Mammary Gland Hormones Involved in Lactation Lactation Estrogen & Progesterone Prolactin Releasing Hormone Prolactin Human Chorionic Somatomammotropin Oxytocin ...
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