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Just as official governments are not eternal, military bases in Asia have a history. So, too, every foreign military base elsewhere are inextricably intertwined in histories of colonialism, national liberation struggles, international wars and Big Power politics. For example, U.S. military bases in the Philippines were a result of the Asian phase of the Spanish-American War (1898) in which the U.S. defeated the Philippine Revolution of 1896 in the Philippine American War (1899- 1902). Related resource. We have viewed Judith Vecchione (writer, producer, director), “Tug of war the story of Taiwan,” video (South Burlington, Vermont: WGBH Educational Foundation and WGBH Boston, 1998). Other, earlier resources. Aat Vervoorn, Re Orient: Change in Asian Societies , 3 rd ed. (Oxford University Press, 2006), ch. 1 (“Globalisation and Insulation in Asia”), ch. 2, (“State, Society, Individual”), ch. 3 (“Human Rights”), ch. 4 (“Ethnic Minorities”), ch. 5 (“Economic and Social Development”), ch. 7 (“Environmental Impact”), and ch. 9 (“The World of Work”). Recommended resource
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312_viewGuide_Okinawa_1998_2004 - Viewing & discussion...

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