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ASAN 312 (Pollard) Environmental Impact 31 March 2009 Viewing guide: Comparative environmentalism Sue Brand (director, editor). “India, Environment & Industry.” A Yorkshire Television, Nederlandse Onderwijs Televisie, International Broadcasting Trust production for Channel Four (U.K.). Princeton, New Jersey: Films for the Humanities & Sciences, [2004]. Videodisc. 20 minutes. DVD 2762 . Introduction. “India, Environment & Industry” is a Dutch-British collaboration produced for broadcast by a U.K. educational television station a few years ago. Taking us to Dehradun, capital city of Uttarakhand State in northern India, this documentary gives insights into controversies surrounding the environmental degradation of the land, water and air, as well as employment problems associated with limestone mining in the community. With an ancient history, Dehradun is 230 kilometers north of India’s capital New Delhi and at the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains and not far from Nepal. In the etymology of the name
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