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ASAN 312 (Pollard) Viewing guide Contemporary Asian Civilizations Relevant reading. Aat Vervoorn, “Media, Communication, Censorship,” Ch. 10, in Re Orient: Change in Asian Societies , 3 rd ed. (South Melbourne, Australia: Oxford University Press, 2006), pp. 273-295. Consider the following claims and summaries from that chapter: Nation building, politicians have claimed, cannot be effective if the media adopt a critical or anti-government approach that encourages dissent, dissatisfaction, social unrest, or division. The media must be positive and supportive of the government, helping to spread nationalism, civic consciousness, and idealism among the people….This view is associated with what has become known as ‘development journalism.’…. .As taken up by governments in Third World countries,. ..it came to mean ‘good news’ journalism that supported the government, showing its policies and programs in a favourable light appropriate to the noble task of nation-building. Any limits to freedom of expression, from this perspective, would be the result of self-regulation, those that would inevitably follow from a proper weighing of the national interest (page 284). The following historical video on modern and contemporary Taiwanese history, culture and politics * will illustrate relationships between 1) overt government censorship and 2) internalized self-censorship which does not require overt threats to be effective: Judith Vecchione (writer, producer, director). “Tug of War: The Story of Taiwan.” Videotape. South Burlington, Vermont: WGBH Educational Foundation and WGBH Boston Video, 1998. In English and Chinese; with subtitles. 87 minutes. Library call number: Videotape 16463. Introduction.
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312_viewGuideTW_14iv2009 - ASAN 312 (Pollard) Viewing guide...

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