Project3 - ICS 101 Project#3 Spring 2011 50 Points Due 6:30...

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ICS 101, Project #3 Spring 2011 - 50 Points Due 6:30 p.m. on Thursday, 3/31/2011 Introduction This purpose of this project is to provide the student with the experience of working with spreadsheets. The student will work with text, numbers, and formulas including predefined functions ( IF , DATE , PMT , and ROUND ). The student will also gain the experience of formatting the spreadsheet for presentation, creating charts, and performing what if analysis. General Comments 1. There are no printouts for this project. 2. The project delivery to the StarFIRE FTP server will consist of one folder and one Excel document Discussion Board (Forum) Participation: Recall from the ICS 101 Syllabus that a total of eight Discussion Board (Forum) postings are required by the conclusion of Project 4. There will always be questions about this project and on every project assigned in this class. Your fellow students are good sources of information that often goes untapped. Share your knowledge through your participation on the Discussion Board (Forums). The instructor will periodically review the messages and respond as needed. Your maturity and growth in this area will make you a better participant in the information age. All Discussion Board Forum postings must be either a question or an answer to a question. The question can be in a form of a problem that you are experiencing. However, it should be clear to the reader about the specifics of the problem. Your answers and/or questions should be meaningful. Problems such as a simple “Help” or “I am lost” and answers such as a simple “yes,” “no,” “I agree,” or “I have the same answer” do not count. It is best to include a short explanation to place your questions and answers in a meaningful context. Performing a “Quote” (i.e., to include the original posting) for your responses will help the reader. A Discussion Forum posting counts as a single posting regardless of how many questions or answers may be contained in that posting. Use Standard English. Pigeon English is not acceptable and will not count. Postings only count in the Project Forums. Your total participation on the Discussion Forum is worth up to 5% of the total possible points that one can earn in this class. Preliminary Setup: 1. Launch Windows Explorer. 2. Set up Windows Explorer as defined in the lecture notes. 3. Create a project folder called P3LFSSC in the root directory of your flash drive storage media. Make the appropriate substitutions for LF and SSC. LF and SSC are your initials and special student code provided by the instructor via email at the beginning of the semester.
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2 Activity I: Develop a Spreadsheet 1. Launch Microsoft Excel and complete the steps in this activity. You will create the spreadsheet shown below in Figure 1. This spreadsheet is a Profit and Loss Statement for Hungry Fish
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Project3 - ICS 101 Project#3 Spring 2011 50 Points Due 6:30...

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