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P4_Presentation - machine 4 Maximum amount of time for all...

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Individual ICS 101 Project 4 PowerPoint Presentation (Bonus Points) Introduction: This individual PowerPoint presentation is about Project 4. It is an opportunity for you to practice giving a presentation on your completed Project 4 using electronic media (PowerPoint). You will earn bonus points to help offset points not attempted or earned on ICS 101 Forums, MyITLab, Technology in Action Tests, and on projects. Your presentation has the following requirements: 1. It must be at least 7 minutes 2. It cannot exceed 12 minutes. 3. The presentation must work (including any audio and video clips) on the instructor
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Unformatted text preview: machine 4. Maximum amount of time for all audio clips is one minute. 5. Maximum amount of time for all video clips is one minute. Evaluation on Eight Criteria: 1. Eye Contact 2. Body Language 3. Enthusiasm (Presenter is interested in the presentation) 4. Preparedness/Organization 5. Conversational Delivery 6. Contents (Presentation had substance) 7. Ease of Following 8. OVERALL Impression Sign up in class on 4/27 for a presentation on 5/2 or 5/4....
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