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ICS 101, Project #4 Spring 2011 PowerPoint - 50 points Due 6:30 pm, Thursday, 4/28/2011 Introduction: This purpose of this project is to provide the student with the experience of creating an electronic presentation using PowerPoint 2007 presentation software. Activities will include the use of a background theme, slide transitions, images, animation, sound, and video. Earlier versions no lower than PowerPoint 2000 may also be used to produce the electronic presentation, however it will be the responsibility of the student to verify that his/her presentation done in an earlier version will work correctly in PowerPoint 2007. The instructor provides support for PowerPoint 2003 and higher. Comments: 1. This project consists of one instructor provided activity. 2. There are no printouts for this project. 3. The project delivery to the StarFire FTP server will consist of one folder containing one PowerPoint file and supporting sound and video files. 4. You will be downloading video clips and converting these videos into the correct formats for PowerPoint. Please review the notes on how to used the YouTube Downloader at the ICS 101 Website. 5. Important changes are required for audio and video file names . The file names for sound and video should be simplified, because PowerPoint in many cases will not open and/or play these files even if they are viewable using the Windows Media Player. These problems often occur if your files have strange symbols and/or multiple periods/question marks in the file name such as: ..of. .the.year.wmv or ?????.wmv. Also, if you chose an international vocal artist/group, then you will most likely encounter strange symbols because of the unicode encoding of the file name. Until one universal PowerPoint application is created to handle all international codes simultaneously, there will be problems viewing the sound and video on a PC with PowerPoint application that is not set up for that countries’ code. Please rename your sound and video files as given in the examples below to exclude the special symbols and/or questions/periods. Then, insert your sound and video files into PowerPoint. Deliver the renamed audio and video files. SMILE-??????.mp3 û SMILE-Snd.mp3 ????????????.wmv û SMILE-Video.wmv ???????.jpg û SMILE.jpg
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2 6. Discussion Forum Participation: Recall from the ICS 101 Syllabus that a total of eight Discussion Forum postings are required by the conclusion of Project 4. There will always be questions about this project and on every project assigned in this class. Your fellow students are good sources of information that often goes untapped. Share your knowledge through your participation on the Discussion Forums. The instructor will periodically review the messages and respond as needed. Your maturity and growth in this area will make you a better participant in the information age. All Discussion Forum postings must be either a question or an answer to a question.
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Project4 - ICS 101 Project#4 Spring 2011 PowerPoint 50...

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