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Partial Fractions - Full solution Simplified Put(by...

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Partial Fractions Steps of separating a fraction into partial fractions: 1. Factorize the denominator 2. Assume that the equation can be separated into partial functions of the form of equation (*). 3. Add the two partial functions. 4. By substituting suitable value of x , solve the values of A and B . Cover-up method : to eliminate the other variables. Example: Separate a fraction into partial functions.
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Unformatted text preview: Full solution Simplified Put, (by cover-up method) Put, (by cover-up method) Substitute A and B into (*), When. (by cover-up) When. (by cover-up) When. (Choose the value which is the easiest to calculate) Partial Fractions / General Partial Fractions Case 1 where Case 2 where Case 3 where...
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