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Homework 5 Due: Friday 2/26/10 Problems after the double bar will not be collected but it is recommended that you do them. My assumption is that you will do them. 1. The commutator subgroup G 0 of a group G is the subgroup generated by the set { x - 1 y - 1 xy : x,y G } . That is, every element of G 0 has the form a i 1 1 a i 2 2 ··· a i k k where each a j has the form x - 1 y - 1 xy , each i j = ± 1 and k is any positive integer. (The commutator subgroup is the smallest normal subgroup such that G/G 0 is abelian and thus gives a measure of how “close” G is to being abelian.) (a) Prove G 0 C G (b) Prove G/G 0 is abelian. (c) If ϕ : G A is a homomorphism, where A is an abelian group, prove that G 0 kerϕ . Conversely, if G 0 kerϕ , prove that imϕ is abelian. (d) If G 0 H G , prove that H C G . 2. For n a positive integer, U ( n ) is the group consisting of the positive integers less than n and relatively prime to n with the binary operation of multiplication modulo n . For example,
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