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Homework 9: Intro to Maple This week, you will turn in a single worksheet (either a .mw or .mws file). Start a new worksheet. Make a title called Homework 9 using the P Title style. Follow the heading by your name using the P Author style. Label each of your problems by the appropriate problem number. 1. Using the method described in the lecture, type in the following verbatim . It is easy to compute Z 1 0 x 2 p 1 - x 2 dx using Maple. One simply types the command: > int(x^2*sqrt(1-x^2),x=0. .1); To find the approximate value of the integral we apply evalf as follows: > evalf(%) 2. (a) Show that 2 + 3 = π is correct up to 3 decimal places, but not any more. Use evalf(x,3) to obtain x to 3 decimal places. (b) Assign x 3 - 4 x 2 - 4
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Unformatted text preview: x-5 = 0 to the variable Eqn . (c) Use solve to solve Eqn for x . 3. Use Maple to nd the value of each of the following. (a) The indenite integral Z sin x cos 2 x dx (b) The exact value of the denite integral Z 3 1 sin x cos 2 x dx (c) The decimal approximation of (b) to 10 digits. (d) d dx ( xe x sin x ) 4. Dene f ( x ) as the function: f ( x ) = sin x ( e x + x 2 + x + 1) Use each of the three methods described in the lecture ( arrow , unapply and proc ) to dene the function in Maple and nd f (0) and f (1) correct to 10 decimal places in each case. (After each case, execute the command restart; before doing the next case)...
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