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schelling - incrased B=sw1(A The next iteration...

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function A=schelling(M,N) A=round(rand(M,N)); % Random zero-one matrix of size MxN colormap([0 0 1; 1 0 0 ]); imagesc(A);axis('equal');axis off;pause(1) test=1; k=1; while (test==1 & k<30); % Bail out after 30 iterations, or when A=B. This typically indicates % "cycling". This value can be
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Unformatted text preview: incrased. B=sw1(A); % The next iteration imagesc(B);axis('equal');axis off;pause(1/5) % You may replace pause(1/5) pause for step-by-step control Atest=A-B; % Are A and B the same? test=any(Atest(:)); % is test=0 ? A=B; % If test=1, then reassign A k=k+1; end...
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