Sw2 - m0=length(I0 R0=randperm(m0 I0=I0(R0 J0=J0(R0 m=min(m0,m1 I1=I1(1:m J1=J1(1:m I0=I0(1:m J0=J0(1:m w1=sparse(I1,J1-1,M,N w0=sparse(I0,J0,1,M,N

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function B=sw2(A,f1,f0) [M,N]=size(A); D=hgr2(A); % Looks at all neighbors in a weighted manner [I1,J1]=find( D>f1 ); m1=length(I1); R1=randperm(m1); I1=I1(R1); J1=J1(R1); [I0,J0]=find( D<-f0 );
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Unformatted text preview: m0=length(I0); R0=randperm(m0); I0=I0(R0); J0=J0(R0); m=min(m0,m1); I1=I1(1:m); J1=J1(1:m); I0=I0(1:m); J0=J0(1:m); w1=sparse(I1,J1,-1,M,N); w0=sparse(I0,J0,1,M,N); B=A+w0+w1;...
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