Midterm more suppl. problems

Midterm more suppl. problems - Mid-Term S upplementary...

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4fu '? Mid-Term Supplementary Problems A trapezoidal concrete canal with sloped sides as shown.is used to transport stonn water to a local treatment plant. However.it was cut through what can be assumed to be a fully saturated soil due to seasonal rainfall which is enough to maintain the GWT as shown. ln order to prolong the service life of the canal, a filter dfain rrade of loosely compacted granular matedal and a geotextile fabric was placed to line the sloping wall ofthe canal, alorg the outside. The flovr' through the filter will not be fully pressurized. Based on field investigations, the seepage inlo the filter drain \aill reach a steady state relatively quickly, and all ofthe water that is collected at the base ofthe wall will be taken away via a pipe. Estimate and provide an initial design fof the minimally sized pipe that cah accommodate this flow if the minimal flow velocity for self-cleaning for runoff is recommended to be betweenf@and 0.75 m/s. CanalWall -9 Trapezoidal Canal /o, ?,O r -b. 7'66 \. ?,t * lmperrnea Pipe'of Diameter, D l,lf - 3 U.a CJ. -< Aa = 6 1, 15x ldb'n/s a.6 g.1s x ro' 6 .-"' /s /^ (-\W,) D=@ DP u.intet. 0.6 "^ t,/ = 6.zsYl66 . 6.zsxt6€7*( L 3.6v\o (' IL'E ! | 6 : (;o ! cL hniL Ltl Engi nu.t i nx taa9
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-!:r:r:i ut"rlt'.t , \2 .(t- lel )- it. (t-zp\' = D.(a ,,i 0" t.Q1 + 16 .y LZ,,1 7-r ^ : a ll ? 1 x tt,tlr Lz xo'b x l ?'t a, ll '1. t::l .9 rr pa 1"" x^" lgyt r - l8x 2,?: t933,7 Kp" | 8.t? 't qT,C hf. Shaliow footings have been proposed to bear loads that will be transferred lrorn edge columns in a building. However the proximity of a property line does not allow for squafe-shap€d footings to be used and the cente-to-centre span between the columns is far enough such that conrbined footings will not be necessary. Previous experience has shown that rectangular footings with a length (r) to width (r) ratio of 3:2 should be adequate to provide proper bearing while respecting property lines. Theproposednetloading(Q)of150kNwill act at an angle as shown in the diagram below. The soil is a medium clayey deposit in terms of stiffrress (c, 10 kPa c' 20 kPa) with l' 30' and unit weight 6l l8 kN/m'. Design the footing for bearing capacity. (Hint: design first for a sho(-ternr analysis. then check the design for the longlerm.) I 7n I .,j , \). , 30,
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Midterm more suppl. problems - Mid-Term S upplementary...

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