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A1 - φ = 30 o It is tested in drained direct shear under a...

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Prof. M. Meguid 2008-2009 McGill University DEPARTMENT OF CIVIL ENGINEERING AND APPLIED MECHANICS CIVE 416 – Geotechnical Engineering Review Assignment No. 1 (Due Date: Friday January 16) 1. Define clearly the following terms (express in equations where possible) Effective stress Coefficient of consolidation Pre-consolidation pressure Compression index Critical hydraulic gradient Density index Zero air voids line Shear strength parameters 2. For the soil profile shown below: (a) Plot the total vertical stress, pore pressure and the effective stress profiles with depth from the ground surface to a depth of 10 m. (b) Calculate the depth of excavation that can be made into the clay at the site without allowing uplift of the base of a large excavation. 3. A sample of loose sand is known to have a friction angle
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Unformatted text preview: φ = 30 o . It is tested in drained direct shear under a normal stress of 300 kN/m 2 . Determine the shear strength and the major and minor principle stresses at failure. 2 m 3 m 5 m γ d = 18 kN/m 3 γ sat = 20 kN/m 3 γ sat = 21 kN/m 3 G s = 2.7 e = 0.495 Sand Sand Clay Gravel Prof. M. Meguid 2008-2009 4. Column A shown in the Figure below is part of an existing building that had been erected long time ago. A new building has been recently constructed with a basement as shown (on the right side of the figure). About a year later, measurements indicate that column A has settled. Assume normally consolidated conditions. a) Explain the reason for this settlement. b) Determine the theoretical maximum the column might have settled....
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