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Seepage through Homogenous Earth Dams The following steps can be followed to sketch a flow net: 1- Approximate the pheratic line as a parabola with focus F located at the intersection of the bottom flow line and the drainage blanket. 2- Locate point A on the water surface, where AB = 0.3 BC 3- Locate a distance S from the focal point F , where 4- Locate point E , halfway between points F and G . 5- Locate point K , where KF = FG = S 6- Sketch the pheratic surface as a parabola passing through points
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Unformatted text preview: E , K and A . Adjust so that the line intersects point B on the upstream face of the dam. 7-Sketch equipotential lines so that they intersect the boundary flow lines at right angles and so that the increments Δ h on the pheratic line are approximately equal. 8-Sketch flow lines so that they intersect the equipotential lines at right angles and approximately form square grid cells....
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