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computer assignment - then solve it manually using any...

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A circular footing 8 m in diameter is to be placed in soft clay at an elevation of 40 m above the underlying bedrock. Refer to the figure below. The elastic modulus, E , of the foundation material is 1000 kPa, and the Poisson’s Ratio is 0.49 (undrained analysis). The applied footing pressure is predicted by the structural engineer to be 100 kPa. Model this problem using Sigma/W (in the GeoStudio 2007 suite) and
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Unformatted text preview: then solve it manually using any theoretical method. Compare your results. Provide a print of both the stress contours and the numerical results in tabular form. Left: footing position in elevation view with respect to the bedrock; right: detail of footing pad. 8 m Axis of symmetry Footing 40 m Bedrock E = 1 MPa ν = 0.49 φ = 0° Computer Assignment CIVE 416: Geotechnical Engineering Winter, 2009...
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