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sample midterm - IEOR 4000: Production and Operations...

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IEOR 4000: Production and Operations Management Sample Midterm, Fall 2010 1. Professor Bumblebee receives a lot of email at the rate of 25 emails an hour and he is irritated at the constant interruptions from reading and answering his emails and is losing a lot of smileys (his favorite currency) due to this. He figures that it costs him 1600 smileys every time he logs into his email, reads and replies to all the new mails irrespective of the number of emails. Furthermore, he figures that he loses two smileys for every unread email every hour. Professor Bumblebee is looking for advice on how should he manage his email to save his smileys. Can you help him with this problem? What is the optimal schedule for Prof. Bumblebee to process his email? 2. Triple-Bogey is a golfing goods retailer. They stock four different brands of putters (this is a type of golf club) — Eagle, Albatross, Condor and Ostrich. Triple-Bogey orders these clubs from their respective distributors. Each distributor charges Triple-Bogey a per-order processing fee. Moreover, they do not deliver, so Triple-Bogey has to hire a freighting company to pick up the orders from the distributors’ warehouses. Luckily, these warehouses are all located close to one another, so Triple-Bogey can consolidate orders from multiple distributors
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sample midterm - IEOR 4000: Production and Operations...

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