Capsim Integration

Capsim Integration - A minah McGill Akilah Young Capsim...

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Aminah McGill Akilah Young Capsim Paper BA 3103- 4/11/11 Our initial decision for our company was to meet our customer expectations depending on their individual needs and desires. Each classification of consumer from traditional and high/low end to performance and size has specific wants that would constantly change over time. By looking at the current position on the perceptual map for each market segment, we’d reposition ourselves so that we were located at the optimal point for each consumer segments size and performance expectations. Customers are ONLY interested in products that fall within the circles of the Perceptual Map. We focused on customer needs and wants by making sure our product keep up with the customer positioning requirements. We believed that as long as the customer needs were always satisfied and met, our product will succeed above any competitors or change in environment. For the traditional market segment we decided to use a price of $27.50, a size of 14.1 and a MTBF (Mean Time between Failure) of 18,000.After our initial decision within the
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Capsim Integration - A minah McGill Akilah Young Capsim...

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