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Cindy McCready Akilah Young Lien Quach Marketing New Shoes- Journal #1 With dealer promotions at Home, we decided on $1,000,000. Being that this was our first time entering the market, we needed to spend an amount that would create great recognition. For price we chose $90 because we wanted domestic products to be cheaper than our home products. We lowered the price because it would be harder to reach these customers so price could be an extra reason to make them purchase. For advertising we chose $2,000,000 because this is an extremely essential field. This will bring awareness to our product. The more money we spend the better our advertising process will be. We chose 1,500,000 because we need to spend more amounts on promotions especially with our consumer because they are the most important aspect within our business. Also if we were to go over this number it would have little effect on
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Unformatted text preview: sales. We raised Domestic Sales People to 7. Domestic Dealer Promotions was raised to $100,000,000. During the first few stages of promoting our new brand, we want to have enough representative to be our spoke person and enough to help all of our customers to feel like all the questions are answered. It was really great to see that our first decision made a major impact on our profits, positively. After seeing that we were in a big negative amount of profit during the first and second period, we were skeptical to see how we were going to recover to gain profits. We hope that learning from what we did during this period to help us gain a big hit will make us continue to make wise decision. We think that spending money on research and consumer promotion should definitely help us keep loyal customers to support our products....
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