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Both conducting research online and conducting research in a traditional library has its advantages and disadvantages which purely makes them different. For instance, some advantages of online research consist of easy access, accuracy, no time limit, convenience, and all in all faster. On the other hand, disadvantages may be paying for some of the information, technical problems and sometimes documents not being copyrighted. Now when conducting research in a traditional library advantages are free information no charge, primary resources, and you may receive assistant from a librarian when having difficulty finding what you are looking for. Disadvantages of traditional library research is it takes longer, limited resources, time limits, and books, articles, newspapers, magazines,
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Unformatted text preview: and etc may be unavailable due to the fact that one of these sources could be checked out by someone else or just lost. In my opinion I prefer online research because it’s just more stress free and during today’s society technology has really come a long way. As far as my personal approach to conducting academic web searches I think that being given the option to search for information through databases have became a tremendous help due to the accuracy of the information given and also how current the information is just a headache free process. Check Point: Conducting Research Week 2 Ebony Davis...
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