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Sample_Exam_2b - EE 310 Electronic Circuit Design I Fall...

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EE 310 Electronic Circuit Design I Fall 2009 Exam 2 Name: ____________________________ PSU ID Number: ___________________ Section Number: ___________________ Do not turn the page and begin this exam until the start time. 1. First, put your name, PSU ID and section numbers in the spaces above and on the exam answer form. 2. Please wait until you are instructed to begin the exam. Instructions: 1. This exam is closed book, closed notes. You may use a calculator but it may not be shared with anyone else during the exam. 2. Answers for the multiple choice problems should be entered on the provided answer form and in the exam booklet. 3. Time allotted is 120 minutes. 4. Good luck to all! Problems 1 20: __________ Problem 21: __________ Problem 22: __________ Problem 23: __________ Total: __________
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EE 310 Exam 2 Fall 2009 11/4/2009 2 Problems 1 5 [2 pts. ea.] The above MOSFET amplifier circuit is accompanied by the small-signal model below. The model was sketched by your roommate, a chemical engineering major, and probably contains errors. Answer the following questions that pertain to these two diagrams. 1. The circuit’s function is the following: Function: A CS Amplifier D Voltage Buffer B CG Amplifier E Inverter C CD Amplifier 2. What are the relative input/output resistances of the circuit? R i / R o relative values: A small/small C large/small B small/large D large/large 3. Which list contains only circuit elements that do not belong in the small-signal model? Lists: A g mb v bs , I D , R D D I D , R G , R D B g mb v bs , I D , g m v gs E R G , I D C R G , R D 4. Which list of current and voltage values includes all of the incorrectly labeled voltages and currents on the small-signal model? Lists: A v bs , v gs , g m v gs D v gs B g mb v bs E v bs C g m v gs 5. Which input/output resistance designation is incorrectly shown on the small-signal model?
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