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Biology 216 Objectives Chapter 17 : Blood Overview: Blood Composition and Functions 1. Describe the composition and physical characteristics of whole blood. Explain why it is classified as a connective tissue. Blood Plasma 1. Discuss the composition and functions of plasma. Formed Elements 1. Describe the structure, function, and production of erythrocytes. 2. Describe the structure and function of platelets. 3. Give examples of disorders caused by abnormalities of each of the formed elements. Explain the mechanism of each disorder.
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Give examples of Leukocytes disorders, and explain what goes wrong in each disorder. 5. Describe the structure and function of platelets. Hemostasis 1. Describe the process of hemostasis. List factors that limit clot formation and prevent undesirable clotting. 2. Give examples of hemostatic disorders. Indicate the cause of each condition. Transfusion and Blood Replacement 1. Describe the ABO and Rh blood groups. Explain the basis of transfusion reactions...
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