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Biology 216 Objectives Chapter 21: The Immune System: Innate and Adaptive Body Defenses PART 1: INNATE DEFENSES Surface Barriers: Skin and Mucosae 1. Describe surface membrane barriers and their protective functions. Internal Defenses: Cells and Chemicals 1. Explain the importance of phagocytosis and natural killer cells in innate body defense. 2. Explain how fever helps protect the body. PART 2: ADAPTIVE DEFENSES Antigens 1. Define antigen and describe how antigens affect the adapt.ve defenses Cells of the Adaptive Immune System: An Overview
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Compare and contrast the origin, maturation process, and general function of B and T lymphocytes. 2. Name several antigen-presenting cells and describe their roles in adaptive defenses. Humoral Immune Response 1. Define humoral immunity. 2. Compare and contrast active and passive humoral immunity. 3. Explain the function(s) of antibodies and describe clinical uses of monoclonal antibodies. Cell-Mediated Immune Response 1. Indicate the tests ordered before an organ transplant is done, and methods used to prevent transplant rejection....
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