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Week 12 Objective Assignment - and electron transpo 3....

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Biology 216 Objectives Chapter 24 Nutrition, Metabolism, and Body Temperature Regulation Nutrition 1. List the six major nutrients categories. Note important sources and main cellular uses. 2. Distinguish between simple and complex carbohydrate sources. 3. Indicate the major uses of carbohydrates in the body. 4. Indicate uses of proteins in the body. Metabolism 1. Define metabolism. Explain how catabolism and anabolism differ. rt. ls. r. ody. e. n 2. Summarize the important events and products of glycolysis, the krebs cycle,
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Unformatted text preview: and electron transpo 3. Describe the need for protein synthesis in the body cel 4. Describe several metabolic functions of the live 5. Differentiate between LDL’s and HDL’s relative to their structures and major roles in the b 6. Distinguish between core and shell body temperatur 7. Describe how body temperature is regulated, and indicate the commo mechanisms regarding heat production/retention and heat loss from the body....
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