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Week 16 Objectives Assignment - Events of Fetal Development...

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Biology 216 Objectives Chapter 28: Pregnancy and Human Development From Egg to Zygote 1. Describe the importance of sperm capacitation. 2. Define fertilization. Events of Embryonic Development: Zygote to Blastocyst Implantation 1. Define implantation 2. List placental functions. Events of Embryonic Development: Gastrula to Fetus 1. Name and describe the formation, location, and function of the embryonic membranes. 2. Describe unique features of the fetal circulation.
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Unformatted text preview: Events of Fetal Development 1. Indicate the duration of the fetal period, and note the major events of fetal development. Parturition (Birth) 1. Explain how labor is initiated, and describe the three stages of labor. th. T. Adjustments of the Infant to Extrauterine Life 1. Describe changes that occur in the fetal circulation after bir Associated Reproductive Technology and Reproductive Cloning 1. Describe some techniques of ART including IVF, ZIFT, and GIF...
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