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Week 1 Assignment - American Psychological web site Did you...

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Choose one of the following sets of questions: Why is psychology considered to be a science?  What does it mean to develop a scientific attitude and how does this relate to the  scientific method?  Present one example of how psychologists are scientific?  What is an example of a research method utilized to advance scientific  knowledge?  Define and differentiate between a correlation and causal findings in research? Or What are three of the current subjects being discussed/researched on the 
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Unformatted text preview: American Psychological web site? Did you expect psychologists to engage in this type of research? What were your presumptions about what psychologists would research before taking this course and reviewing the web site? How do well respected scholarly journal publications differ from highly suspect sources such as Wikepedia? What are the characteristics of a scholarly journal? You may supply answer in the window provided or upload an MS Word Document or an RTF file....
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