Week 4 Assignment

Week 4 Assignment - to manage such as smoking Hypothesize...

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Choose one of the following sets of questions: What is stress, its nature, causes, and effects?  How is stress related to illness?  What are examples of how our thoughts and actions impact our health?  Contemplate how we might promote healthier lifestyles in families?  Telling others how to live is often met with contempt or dismissal.  How might we positively impact the health of others without arrogance?  List from 1 to 5 behaviors that you are personally struggling with that are difficult 
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Unformatted text preview: to manage such as smoking? Hypothesize why humans continue negative health behaviors when they know the consequences are hurting their body, mind, spirit? Or Summarize how stress impacts the stress response system, the heart, immune system, HIV, and Cancer. According to the text how might psychologists promote health and wellness?...
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