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hnr100- journal 2

hnr100- journal 2 - Camille San Miguel September 15th 2010...

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Camille San Miguel September 15 th , 2010 Honors 100, Section 0108 Journal #2 There are many ways to get involved on campus at UMD. So many ways, in fact, that being involved in only one club or activity seems like not enough to qualify as “being involved”. Over the summer, I wanted to join the club swim team, join the water polo team, rush a social sorority, rush the pre-health fraternity, join the Asian American Student Union, join the Filipino Cultural Association, and work as a lifeguard. I wanted to try new things, and figured that continuing my education in a new environment would be the perfect place to indulge my interests. However, we are only two and a half weeks into the school year and I already feel overwhelmed. I haven’t even participated in half the activities that I wanted to join, yet I still feel like there are not enough hours in the day. I am very aware that I cannot participate in all of these activities that I considered over the summer, and have somewhat already narrowed down my list.
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