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San Miguel 1 Camille San Miguel Professor Dorland/ Miss Susan Kelly HONR 100 22 September 2010 Journal Entry Number Four One course that I want to take my junior year is BSCI222, which is the Principles of Genetics. Currently, I am working at a research laboratory in the microbiology building. Right now I am only preparing Agars and Bacterial Solutions for other people in the lab who are conducting experiments because I do not yet have the background knowledge to conduct my own experiments. Taking this course will provide for me a good expanse of knowledge of heredity and gene expression in plant, animal and microbial organisms. A foundational understanding of the heredity and gene expression in microbial organisms will better help me understand the behaviors of E.Coli and CheW in the lab so that I can conduct better experiments and be more efficient in my research. This course will also help me fulfill my
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Unformatted text preview: supplementary core requirements as a General Biology major. I also want to take HONR248N, an honors seminar called Extinction Risk: Where Biology, Geography, and Mathematics Meet. This course will not only help me fulfill my CORE diversity requirement, but will also help me correlate what I learn in other fundamental courses to current issues today. Through relating biology and mathematics to the extinction risk of certain animals, I will gain a better understanding and appreciation for the research done by those in the fields of ecology. Furthermore, this course will help me fulfill my requirements to graduate from the Honors College, making the course an excellent option for my academic goals....
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