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San Miguel 1 Camille San Miguel Professor Dorland/ Miss Susan Kelly HONR 100 16 November 2010 Journal Entry Number Eleven Editorial: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wpdyn/content/article/2010/11/15/AR2010111503861.html In his editorial in the Washington Post, titled “The Faces Behind Tobacco’s Deadly Addiction”, Richard Cohen expresses his opinions on the Warning Ads on Cigarette Boxes. He believes that instead of warning labels that fail to shock and sicken individuals who purchase cigarettes, pictures of the Chairmen of Tobacco companies should be placed on the boxes. In Cohen’s opinion, the chairmen who are immoral enough to sell such a harmful product to the general public should take responsibility for the dirty work they are doing and “put [their] faces where [they] make [their] money” (Cohen, The). In my opinion, plastering Chairmen’s faces on cigarettes boxes will not stop those who are
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Unformatted text preview: addicted to cigarettes from buying them. However, having their image on the cigarette box will make the chairmen feel uncomfortable, and perhaps they will reconsider their line of work. However, I do not believe that changing the label on the cigarette box will make that much of a difference. There are individuals who are addicted to cigarettes, and thus they need someone to continue to manufacture them. Whether cigarettes are healthy or not, they are already an integrated part of some people’s lifestyles. So changing the label on cigarette boxes to the image of Tobacco Company Chairmen will most likely just cause discomfort among those in the business, but not shut down the industry or make those addicted to cigarettes want to stop smoking....
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