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honr100- journal 12

honr100- journal 12 - laptop for Christmas but had my...

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San Miguel 1 Camille San Miguel Professor Dorland/ Miss Susan Kelly HONR 100 30 November 2010 Journal Entry Number Twelve If I could bring one person back from the dead it would be my Pastor’s wife, Emy Porter. She died about three years ago of skin cancer and she left behind four children and an extremely loving husband. We all miss her so much and think about her often. I never really appreciated Emy’s kindheartedness until after she passed away and I wish that I could express more gratitude towards her for everything she has done for me. This woman was not only an excellent mother to her children, but she also cared for each of the church members just as much. Before she got sick, Emy would always bake for my sister and I. Whenever we got sick or needed a ride somewhere and our parents weren’t available, she would joyfully offer her help. In fact, while she was ailing and bedridden, she bought me a brand new
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Unformatted text preview: laptop for Christmas but had my parents keep secret that she was the giver. She wanted the gift to be purely from the goodness of her heart, without the boastfulness of attaching her name. I still wish I had the opportunity to thank her for that. I am also very close friends with her youngest son, Jordan Porter. Since her death he has not been the same. Although he is coping well he continues to struggle academically and in his relationship with his Dad. I know he misses his mother, and I wish that she could give him the comfort that I, just a friend, cannot provide. San Miguel 2 Emy was a very special person and dear to many people’s hearts. If there were one person whose life revived would make the most impact, I think it would be hers....
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honr100- journal 12 - laptop for Christmas but had my...

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