honr100- journal 13

honr100- journal 13 - I also look forward to taking a break...

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San Miguel 1 Camille San Miguel Professor Dorland/ Miss Susan Kelly HONR 100 06 December 2010 Journal Entry Number Thirteen My mother told me she is sick of driving me around and wants me to get my license. In the summer, my mom drops off and picks up my sister and I from swim practices in the morning. Sometimes she picks up my sister and I at separate times when I help coach the Mini Marlins. On top of that, she drops off and picks me up from a different pool when I lifeguard and also when I teach private lessons. She is essentially my personal taxi driver, and she is sick of it. Thus, this winter break I intend to go to driving school so I can hopefully have my license by the time summer comes around. Furthermore, I do not want to be imprisoned in my house while my friends go out and have fun without me. I want to have my license so I can leave when I want without being subjected to dishing out all the details of my whereabouts to my overbearing mother.
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Unformatted text preview: I also look forward to taking a break from constant studying and enjoying time at home in my own bed and my own bathroom. Although I am truly enjoying my life as a college student living on campus, I miss sitting on my own toilet with the reassurance that no random people have also sat there. Being somewhat of a germaphobic, this one aspect of dorm life sometimes gets on my nerves. I will also most likely rent some books from the library on the subject of organic chemistry in order to get a head start on that class for spring semester. I will need to decide whether or not I want to rush the sorority in which a lot of my new friends belong to, and also figure out whether I will continue doing research here on campus over the summer or if I will continue lifeguarding and teaching private lessons, so that I can begin preparations for whichever job I chose to continue. San Miguel 2...
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honr100- journal 13 - I also look forward to taking a break...

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