Staph - B-binds to presynaptic neurons│DTaP vaccine/tetanus Ig/debridement/muscle relaxants│ Gangrene:clostridium perfringens/traumatic tissue

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Staph : S.aureus/furuncle/coagulase/folliculitis/bullous exfoliation-scalded skin syndrome/Toxic shock (TSST superantigen toxin)│S.aureus&S.epidermidis/nosocomial/wounds,surgery, implanted devices/biofilm│Difficult to treat-multiple drug resistance (MRSA)/hexachlorophene- antiseptic/tetracycline/vancomycin, B lactams, mupirocin│ Strep : erysipelas/impetigo- S. pyogenes) sensitive to PenG (not toxins)│treat ARF/AGN pts with anti-inflammatory drugs│long-term PenG prophylaxis in rheumatic fever│ Pseudomonas :cystic fibrosis/biofilms/R-plasmid│prevent biofilm/antimicrobials on wounds/>1 antibiotic│ Lyme :Borrelia burgdorferi/bull’s eye/arthritis/carditis(fibers of heart)│ Tetanus :clostridium tetani/anaerobic spore-former/A-inhibits release of neuroinhibitors/
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Unformatted text preview: B-binds to presynaptic neurons│DTaP vaccine/tetanus Ig/debridement/muscle relaxants│ Gangrene :clostridium perfringens/traumatic tissue injury esp. anaerobic conditions/enzymes secretions destroy tissue/alpha-toxin(phospholipase)/no vaccine or antitoxin│ Animal bites :pasteurella multocida/disseminated edematous abscess/zoonosis/not engulfed by macrophages/>1 drugs│cat-scratch disease:bartonella henslae:lymph node sweeling/ ampicillin│ Chicken :varicella-zoster virus/diagnostic maculo-papulo-pustular rash/latent virus/sequelae-shingles│Measles-Rubeol:paramyxovirus/respiratory droplets/koplik’s spots in pharynx/human only host/MMR vaccine│G.Measles-Rubella:togavirus/very fine rash/respiratory transmission/serious through vertical trans-congenital rubella syndrome│Wart:human papillomavirus/...
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