Intro to Computers - N ut r i tion is the science that...

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Nutrition – is the science that links foods to health and disease it includes the processes by which the human organism ingests, digests absorb transports and excretes food substances Chronic diseases – cardiovascular(heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, and some forms of cancer(5) obesity – condition characterized by excess body fat osteoporosis – decreased bone mass related to the effects of aging (5) Glucose – a six-carbon sugar that exists in a ring form; found as such in blood, and in table sugar bound to fructose, also known as dextrose one of the simples sugars Nutrients – Chemical substances in food that contribute to health , many of which are essential parts of a diet, nutrients nourish us by providing calories to fulfill energy needs, material for building body parts, and factors to regulate necessary chemical processes in the body Essesiant nutrition – must be obtaing from the diet body can’t systesize in adequate amounts #####Carbohydrate ; 4 Kcal per gram-main energy source , mainly composed of the elements carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen simple sugars – the smallest sugar consist , called monosaccharides glucose is the one of sample single sugars Disaccharide – sugar, sucrose, Fiber – can’t be broken down by human digestive processes , fiber passes through the small intestine undigested to provide bulk for the stool(7)r ####Lipid : 9 kcal per gram9 concentrated energy source!) – energy , fostly fats and oils, the basic structure of most lipids is the triglyceride that provide a key calorie source (fatty acids) main energy storage saturated fat - fatty acids containing no carbon-carbon double bonds, containg cholesterol , they stay solid in room temperature, unsaturated fatty acid – fatty acid containing one or more carbon-carbon double bonds. , they stay liquid in room temperature, trans Fat – a form of an ustatured fat , deep fry food, French frise #####Protein 4 Kcal per gram building , contain nitrogen , proteins are formed when amino acids are bonded together 20 common amino acids are found in food, nice of thease are essential nutrients for adults , and one additional amino acid for babys enzyme – a compound that speeds the rate of a chemical reaction but is not altered by
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reaction, almost all enzymes are proteins ####Vitamins – metabolic processes, have a cariety of chemical structures and can contain the elements carbon, hydrogen , nitrogen , oxygen, phosphours , sulfur, . main function of vitamins is to enable many chemical reaction , ####Minerals – structural components of the body, structurally simple , inorganic substances , which exist as groups of one or more of the same atomos. If daily needs are less than 100 miligrams then minelar is classified as a trace minerals , major minerals are rest of them electrolytes – substances that separate into ions in water and in turn are able to conduct an electrical current these include sodium , chloride , potassium #####water – involved in all body processes, solvent and lubricant , transported , 60% of
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Intro to Computers - N ut r i tion is the science that...

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