First Major Paper, Final - 1 Higher Education and Daily...

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1 Higher Education and Daily Life Higher education could be one of the hottest topics, and one of the strong debates and controversies of the last decade. Due to the huge increasing of college tuition since 2000, and the economic crisis that American lived the last years; many citizens argue that college does not worth its cost anymore, and the money spent enrolling a four years college degree may offer better financial and professional opportunities to citizens. However, as reality differentiate “listening” from “hearing”, and details could be offered by studies and statistics. Statistics confirm that college degrees offer many graduates the best paying job . Many studies points out that citizens who hold a college degree are less likely to be unemployed . Moreover, higher education often form students with better knowledge, and stronger personalities ; consequently, they can be better serving their communities. Therefore, I believe that higher education is often the way to reach high level goals: financial, professional and intellectual . An article written by Tara, Kalwarski, editor of the Numbers section for Bloomberg Business Week , published on 2010 in Business Week magazine, entitled “The Benefits –And Cost of College”, shows that highly educated workers make annually triple the annual earnings of the high school grads (Kalwarski 1). In the article Kalwarski stated that a study was done by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, which declares a median salary of $ 65,056 for the advanced college degree holders in 2009, while those with high school diploma made an average of $32,552 . Moreover, those who have less than a high school diploma earned a median of $23,552 (Kalwarski 1). The author points out to the difference that higher education can make in financial lives of those college graduates comparing to those who limit their educational career at high school diploma or less. In other words highly educated workers may offer themselves and their families triple what non college graduates can achieve. Furthermore, Facts On File News in the online article entitled “Value of College Degree”, provided evidence supporting the same point. Referring to the U.S. Census Bureau college graduates earn 73% more comparing to adults
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First Major Paper, Final - 1 Higher Education and Daily...

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