Second Major Paper, Final - 1 Technology Disasters Since...

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1 Technology Disasters Since the early age of creation, the speed of technology inventions increases in an exponential form. Technology through the years came up with many miracles and marvels. As example, Human cloning may permit to clone people (Human Cloning). Genetic engineering has been used to produce food, and gene therapy could be a treatment to fight against some dangerous diseases such as some cancers and AIDS (Genetic Engineering). Moreover, In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), which is the process of implanting fertilized eggs into the women’s uterus, came up with the dream of many couples who are unable to make kids naturally (In Vitro Fertilization). However, even the media and supporters of new technologies such as IVF have often focused on covering the positive sides of new technologies; many opponents argue that new technologies can become humanity disasters. According to Marry Shelley, author of the novel Frankenstein, Victor Frankenstein used his vast knowledge in a scientific project that promise a creation of a mankind (Shelley 285). After long years of hard work; Frankenstein was able to give life to an unlivable creature. Frankenstein gave life to a monster that turned his life miserable (Shelley 285). Similarly, using IVF in a pregnancy process in 2009 for the 33-year-old Nadya Suleman, resulted by a birth of octuplets, additionally to her six older kids (In Vitro Fertilization). IVF technology often results by dangerous multiple births, therefore, IVT can be a monster against women and their progeny. Since Technology can easily turn against its creator (Frankenstein’s monster). And the misuse of technology can end up by tragedies and catastrophes . Also, in specific cases technology ends up destroying many moral qualities . Therefore, I believe that as Frankenstein’s creature became a monster to him; modern science has become a monster to humanity. As Frankenstein’s created monster turned against its creator, many other technologies such as genetic engineering, in vitro fertilization, human cloning can be disappointing for their creators and their users. In her novel entitled Frankenstein, Mary Shelley demonstrated how all the sacrifices, and the work of Frankenstein in order give life to a creature (manlike) made his life a hell (Shelley 286-287). In her novel Shelley says, “dreams that had been my food and pleasant rest for a long space were now become hell to me” (Shelley 289). Frankenstein used his knowledge, and put his time to create a manlike; a man-like that became a monster, a monster that came up with unexpected, horrified consequences! A “hell” Shelly wrote (Shelley 289); in other words nothing can be worst to Frankenstein than what his smart mind and his creative
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2 hands had gave life to: a “monster.” Describing the horror and the unacceptable results of
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Second Major Paper, Final - 1 Technology Disasters Since...

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