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homework4 - c What problems have you run into using the...

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Baxter Community College 1. Make a list of the topics that you think Todd should cover during the interview. Answers will vary, but the list should include the following topics, among others: Main reasons for the new alumni information system The scope of the new system, including any constraints How alumni information currently is handled Which departments, or people, currently are responsible for alumni information General hardware and software requirements for this type of system Estimated timetable for the new system 2. Prepare a list of specific questions that Todd should ask. Include open-ended, closed- ended, and range-of-response questions. Possible open-ended questions: a. How are you storing the alumni information now? b. What are some benefits that the new system would provide?
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Unformatted text preview: c. What problems have you run into using the current manual system? d. Can you think of any other information that would be helpful to me? Possible closed-ended questions: a. How many Baxter alumni have contributed in the past? b. How far back do your records go? c. Who is responsible for the records? d. Are addresses checked for accuracy before mailings are sent? Possible range-of-responses questions: a. On a scale of one (low) to five (high), how would you rate the current system? b. How many current records contain data errors: none, a few, about half, most, or all? c How many alumni mailings are done each year: 1 or 2, 3 to 5, or more than 5? d. How would you rate the importance of this project: low, medium, or high?...
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