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Assigment 8 2. File manger keep track of all files and its physical location in secondary storage and all information about file. So when user request a file , file manager is looking for information, checking if its not used by other user, checking if this user is allowed to use this file , after that starts upload file to the user and load in memory and later in secondary storage. . The file manager also controls the amount of flexibility for user for example, read-and-write-only, read- only or the user is allowed to create and/or delete records.
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Unformatted text preview: 3 The device independence is really important to the file manager because without that every program would have to include instructions to operate all of the different types of devices and every model within each type. With case where the devices are not independent the consequences of that would make system working very slow and users might have a very long time to get the access to device. 8. E:\work\customer\paul.jpg paul.jpg E:\games\dungeonkeeper2\dk2.exe dk2.exe E:\movies\comedy\howimettyourmother.avi howimettyourmother.avi...
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