ASSIGNMENT_1 - Exercise 5 The four systems batch...

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Unformatted text preview: Exercise 5. The four systems batch, interactive, real-time, embedded are distinguished by response time and how data is entered into the system. The Batch system were Jobs were entered by assembling the cards into a deck and running the entire deck of cards trough a card reader as a group. The number of jobs was measured in throughput in a given amount of time. The Interactive system is faster than batch systems allow each user to interact directly with the computer system via commands entered from a typewriter-like terminal. The real-time systems are used in time-critical environments they are faster than interactive. These systems are used in airport traffic control, space flight, critical industrial processes. The embedded systems are computers placed inside other products such as cars, microwave oven, TV, mp3 players. Those systems are designed to perform a set of specific programs, which are not interchangeable among systems, this permits the designers to make system more efficient...
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ASSIGNMENT_1 - Exercise 5 The four systems batch...

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