Assignment_4 - an external resource intensive application...

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On pages 136-138, complete exercises 3, 7, 9, and 10. Answer all parts to each question. Submit your assignment in .doc, .docx, or .rtf format by attaching the document to this dropbox. Make sure you spell and grammar check your responses before submitting. Exercise 3 A B C D E 2 10 15 6 8 They will be processed in this order A D E B C Exercise 7 job A B C D E Arrival Time 0 2 3 6 9 CPU cycle 10 12 3 1 15
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Exercise 9 a) Turnaround 10+22+25+26+41/5 = 24.8 b) Turnaround 1+4+14+26+41/5 = 17.2 c) Turnaround A = 15 B = 26-2=24 C = 6-3 = 3 D= 7-6=1 E= 41 – 9 = 32 15+24+3+1+32=74/5=14.8 d) Turnaround A = 30 B = 36-2=34 C = 14-3 = 11 D= 7-6=1 E= 41 – 9 = 32 30+34+11+1+32 = 108 / 5 = 21.6 10 a) Having a job that has generates an interrupt in a time slice that is much shorter than a time quantum might be doing really often
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Unformatted text preview: an external resource intensive application, such as external storage, to complete its task. If the job were put at the very bottom of the READY queue it would take a long time to complete task . The proposed scheduling policy would accelerate I/O-bound jobs through the system. b)The advantage is the responsiveness of interactive processes, which spend much of their time waiting for input events and will be maximized. A benefit is that resources dedicated to only that particular process could be released sooner to serve another task. A disadvantage is that this scheduling algorithm could allow for process is perpetually denied resources and cannot complete, by constantly placing other, less waiting processes ahead of it in the ready queue....
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Assignment_4 - an external resource intensive application...

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