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Assignment 9 1.Outline different topologies in which sites in any networked system can be physically or logically connected to one another. The most common topologies include star, ring, bus, tree, and hybrid. Be sure to mention that the physical topology of a network may not reflect its logical topology. Physical topology it’s a network that includes cables, location, installation and cables of network. There are two sections of physical topologies: point-to-point connections and multipoint connections. Logical topology is the amount of data that will be transferred in the network that we will design. The physical topology many times not reflect on its transfers of the date which is the logical topology is depends if we use: star, ring, tree, bus or hybrid topology. 2. Explain that in each topology, there are tradeoffs between the need for fast communication among all sites, the tolerance of failure at a site or communication link, the cost of long communication lines, and the difficulty of connecting one site to a large number of other sites. The tradeoffs between each topology are depends of the customer. Companies that want o
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