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Deadlock - the same sytuaction like case 1 but jus with...

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Deadlock – it’s a problem when people meet and each refuses to retret to a wider place. Livelock – people on landing try to pass other but can not because each step the same side starvation – waiting on the landing for the brake from opposite side Case 1 Deadlocks on File Requestes - its is jobs are allowed to request and hold files for the duration of their execution a dedlock can occur as the simplified directed graph Case 2 – Deadlocks in Databases – lock records in a database Locking – is a technique used to guarantee the integrity of the data through which the user locks out all other users while working with the data base. Race – it sie contents would depent on the order in which each process finished its execution. Case 3 - Deadlock in dedicated device allociation it is use of a group of dedicated devices , such as a cluster of DVD read/write drivers Case 4 deadlock in multiple device allocation – is
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Unformatted text preview: the same sytuaction like case 1 but jus with devices Case 5 – Dedlock in spooling – it is where the spooler accepts output from several users and acts as a temporary storage area for all out put until the printer is ready to accept it Case 6 –Deadlock in a network – deadlock between two computers that sent and recive messages and all network will crash Case 7 - deadlocks in Disk Sharing – two different tracks are commanded so its became Active type of deadlock with is livelock 4 codition necesery to operation system work smoothly – • MUTUAL EXCLUSION, • RESOURCE HOLDING, • NO PREEMPTION AND • CIRCULAR WAIT ONE OF THREE STRATEGIES TO DEAL WITH DEADLOCKS -Prevention – prevent one of the four condition from occurring Avoid the deadlock if it becomes probable detect the dedlock when it occurs and recover from it gracefully...
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