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1 Why People Are Obedient? “Hey John, I’m gonna snatch the purse from old lady Hopkins, wanna help?” His companion flatly refused pointing out that he would get into big trouble if he got caught and his conscience would haunt him and make him feel bad. This young man was afraid of the consequences and he didn’t fair to his own principles. Lately I viewed a movie called “A Few Good Men” written by Aaron Sorkin. This is a great dramatic movie about a neo Navy lawyer who never saw the inside of the courtroom and who defends two stubborn Marines who have been accused of murdering a colleague. They get an order from the General to do “Code red”, filling orders and commands contributing to death. The movie is a perfect example of obedience with a higher range of soldiers in the military. They have the option to disobey the commander’s orders and wait for their consequences or do what they have committed to. Most human beings in a civilized society are obedient as means of avoiding punishments and gaining social acceptance. Avoiding negative consequences is a key reason why people are compelled to obey. From childhood to the end of life, humans are creatures who avoid the consequences of disobeying and want rewards for obeying. For example students are getting their homework done because they are afraid of getting bad grades and failing classes. Parents taking an important place creating our character and they are the very first people who teach us to obey. Grounding children is not a form of entertainment. For parents it is a way to teach their loved ones the consequences they can get for disobeying certain laws and rules. We obey is that we have been taught to do obey and it has been encoded in our minds and maybe sometimes we don’t even realize that because it comes naturally. For instance, the rules and laws of the road show people how to perform and react while driving a car. In the book Death and Justice the author, Edward I. Koch , was a high
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Porfolio essays - 1 Why People Are Obedient? Hey John, Im...

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