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HCR 220 Capstone CheckPoint

HCR 220 Capstone CheckPoint - about diagnosing people Also...

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HCR 220-Capstone CheckPoint There are ten steps in which the medical billing process is made of. These ten steps must be followed to the tee if the process is to go smoothly. Those steps are as follows: preregistration of patients, establishment of financial responsibility for the visit, checking the patient into the facility, checking the patient out of the facility, reviewing the code compliance, verifying billing compliance, the preparation and transmittal of claims, the monitoring of payer adjudication, generation of patient statements and the follow-up of payments by the patients and the handling of collections. HCPCS, HIPAA, CPT and ICD have so many different influences for every single step of the medical billing process. There is a global categorization of disease and also a set of codes when it comes to ICD. These particular codes contain three digits that are used for gaining information
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Unformatted text preview: about diagnosing people. Also, these procedure codes are a must when reporting procedure of hospital inpatients; rule regulated by HIPAA. HCPCS does not give diagnosis information but only information about the procedure area. The purpose of these codes is to process hospital treatments for outpatient services only. The only people that use these codes are physicians. There is a coding team that creates the numerical codes and diagnoses for CPT. These assignments are made based upon the information that the provider gives. Afterwards, a charge is then created following the billing rules that pertain to certain locations and carriers. Any staff member is required by HIPAA to keep any information that is learned about a patient to themselves....
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