HCP210_ Assignment_Ethical Decisions

HCP210_ Assignment_Ethical Decisions - Assignment: Ethical...

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Assignment: Ethical Decisions Consequentialism would benefit Mrs. Mortimer because it would be the biggest good to give her the medicine she needs for the weekend/until the pharmacy is able to get in touch with the physician the following Tuesday. Since it is a maintenance medicine, it would probably be approved. This is a theory that I believe relates to the scenario. * Nonconsequentialism would also benefit Mrs. Mortimer because the pharmacy would fill her prescription regardless or disregarding the law. This could be bad for the pharmacy because what if a blood test needed to be done before the prescription was refilled. Filling the order could do more harm than good to the patient. When referring to social contracting, this benefits the pharmacy more than it would favor Mrs. Mortimer. This theory allows the pharmacy to work within the rule to support the decision to decline a prescription from being filled before the last of the medication is taken. Rights-based would benefit Mrs. Mortimer as well as the pharmacy because this rule
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HCP210_ Assignment_Ethical Decisions - Assignment: Ethical...

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